Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Some Pictures

Sitting with Daddy

Ready for school

First tub bath...notice the big belly button!

I love ketchup!!


Max loves sleeping in mom and dad's bed

Ava's new hat the she insists on wearing everywhere!

Max also loves to sleep on the couch

Big sister and little brother

One Month Old

Max is now one month old. According to my measurements, he is about 22 inches long and 11 pounds. He is definitely eating alot and growing bigger every day. He's totally outgrown newborn stuff, and the overalls he is wearing in this picture are the same ones Ava wore in her 3 month old picture. He's a very good baby, but very particular. He does not like his diaper to be dirty or wet at all, and it always is. He SOAKS them. So, we are going through diapers and trash bags like crazy. He loves to be held all the time, but is getting better about spending some alone time on the floor, in his crib, or in the bouncy seat. He sleeps in his crib until about six in the morning, when he likes to get in bed with us. This may be more because we are too lazy to put him back to bed at this time and it's just easier to snuggle with him in bed until Ava wakes up. He usually wakes up two to three times a night to eat, but he eats rather quickly and goes right back to sleep, so it's not that bad. He smiles now, a real smile, not just a gas smile, and will take a pacifier sometimes, though he isn't really fond of it. He is a really pretty baby and everyone comments on how beautiful his skin is, he looks like he was born with a tan. Overall we are doing good. Ava likes him most of the time, she wakes up in the morning wanting to know where the baby is, and any time we go somewhere she always reminds me to get him out of the car, too. When he starts crying in the car, she will pet his leg and say "Shhh baby, hey.....shhhh."

Getting a kiss from Ava

One Month Old!

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Easter

Easter morning we woke up and saw that the Easter Bunny had visited. Ava enjoed everything he brought. We then rushed to get ready for church and went to church with Micah's cousin Amy and Jorge at the Iglesia de Cristo in Greenville. We left church and went to Grandmama's house where we ate a good lunch, hunted eggs again, and visited with lots and lots of family. Ava had a great time with all the small children there!

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought.

Max didn't really care.

All dressed up for church

At Grandmama and Papa's house.

Going through her loot. Micah is taking the candy, Jake is taking the money.

Jacob can vacuum.

All the grandkids (minus Jeff who is in DC) and great grandkids.

Grandmama is ready for us all to go home! I'm sure she will call me when she sees this picture. Micah took it.

Easter Part Two

Saturday of Easter weekend we spent at my parents' house. Ava had a blast playing outside, riding on the golf cart, and playing with Lane and Page's girls. Max had a great time, too, being held by everyone.

The girls had a great time blowing bubbles. Ava tried to blow them herself. I think she swallowed more bubbles than she blew.

Ava, Maddie, Zoey, and Emma Claire had a great time riding in the wagon, the golf cart, and the shopping cart.

Auntie Am and Ava

Ava playing with the colored eggs. She didn't do well coloring them, but she did do a good job smashing the eggs and eating them. She even tried to drink the colored water.

Stacey and Ava

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Max's Shower

My family decided to throw a shower for Max and I Easter weekend. We had it at my sister-in-law Amber's house. It was a wonderful shower and Max got lots of cool stuff. He will definitely be a well dressed kid!

Amber and Katie

Grandma Fry and Max Fry

All the presents!

Easter Part One

Ava's first Easter egg hunt was at Mother's Day Out the Thursday before Easter. I was there because I thought I would have to help her and show her what to do. I was wrong. She knew exactly what to do. She took off picking up eggs and depositing them into her basket. Being the little hoarder she is, she did really well and got tons of eggs!

Ready for the hunt.

Finding the eggs

Full basket!

After the hunt was over, the teachers took the kids baskets inside so they could divy up the candy a little more evenly and so the kids could play on the playground. Ava was the only one who threw a fit because her basket was taken away!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ava's First Hair Cut

Ava was developing a bit of a mullet, so we decided to take her and have her hair cut. She did very well, but by the end was ready to get out of the chair. She got a sucker when she was done and had a great time twirling in the chair and rolling around on the hair covered floor while I got my hair cut.

The Mullet

Best shot we could get of her final cut.