Thursday, February 17, 2011

11 Months Old

Max is 11 months old! I took a picture of him eating in his high chair, because right now that is his favorite thing to! He shovels food in by the handful. His favorites are Italian foods, Mexican foods, and vegetables. And blueberries. He's drinking 4 8 ounce bottles a day, but they are half formula and half milk. He's becoming a pro at the sippy cup, and I think he will be done with bottles soon. He crawls everywhere, and will walk everywhere as long as he has something to hold on to. He has taken a few steps by himself, but that's as much as he wants to do right now. He repeats tons of sounds, including spitting sounds. He will make an elephant sound, growl, and loves to mimic the noises that the kids in his class make. He can clap and shake his head no and pout when he's told no. He sleeps all night, and when he does wake up at night, he waits for me to come into his room then throws himself down in his crib and goes right back to sleep. I think he just wants to make sure we are still there. He is taking one nap a day, usually about 2 hours. I'm hoping this gets a little longer. He loves to play with Ava, he especially likes to pull her hair and steal her blanket. He's a funny kid and loves to laugh!

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Snow

Just a few pics from the snow. Ava loved it, Max did not.

Click here to see Ava playing in the snow!