Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night at church we had Trunk or Treat.  This is where everyone opens up the trunks of their cars and hands out candy to trick or treaters.  Ava is a little young for trick or treating still, but she helped us decorate our trunk and hand out candy.  She also dressed up in her first Halloween costume...a lobster.  Micah and I dressed up as the cooks and handed our candy out from a big pot.  Ava laid on a bed of lettuce that served as a garnish to her lobster outfit.  It's all a little morbid, but we thought it was funny!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One More Post Today

I've posted a lot today...been kinda bored!  This is my last post for the day, though.  I just wanted to update all those interested on my running progress.  I am now up to about 1 3/4 miles.  That's over half way to my goal of 3 miles for all you math majors out there.  I also signed up for the Dallas Turkey Trot today to help keep me motivated.  If you too would like to register, it's at  I'm excited because it actually does get a little easier every time.  My knees and ankles no longer hurt when I run, and I breathe a lot easier.  I'm still huffing and puffing at the end, but my breathing returns to normal much sooner.  Also, I've got this app on my iPhone (which I love) called RunKeeper.  It tracks my speed, time, and distance and sends me a map of my run.  It is really awesome.  I am proud of myself and my progress, considering about 2 months ago I could barely walk to the end of the driveway!

Ava In Her Sling

Ava likes to be held a lot sometimes, so I put her in her sling and I am able to get some stuff done around the house while holding her.  She usually goes to sleep, so I guess it's pretty comfy!  All of these pictures were taken on my does a pretty good job!

I Love Apple

I got a MacBook for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it!  It is by far the easiest computer I have ever used to download pictures, create projects, and create videos.  There are so many things I can do with it...and I'm not a computer person.  Then last week Micah and I got iPhones.  We have both been mesmerized with them!  There are so many things we can do with them, including take pictures and download them to our computer...something we couldn't do with our old phones.  You can also download all sorts of apps onto them.  I wish I had this when I was teaching, because there are tons of educational games for kids you can download onto the phone, and I could've definitely used playtime on my phone as a reward for my kids.  Many of the games work with iPods, also, but most need an iPod touch.  You can find all these apps in the iTunes store...something for all you teachers to check into.  So I've become a big fan of Apple.  I do miss some PC things, like right-clicking, but all in all, I don't think I will ever buy a PC again!

Skin Problems

Ava is having some skin issues.  I think she has either ringworm or eczema.  She got a round spot on her elbow last week and it went away then came back.  Then her cheeks got all red and dry and eczema looking.  I've slathered her up with grease and anti-fungal stuff, so hopefully one of those will work!

Red Cheeks

Round spot on elbow

Monday, October 27, 2008

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I like to read.  Pretty much anything-except non-fiction and leadership books-I've had enough of those!  This summer I read a few books.  I read Water for Elephants, The Secret Life of Bees, and lots of baby books.  I didn't really like Water for Elephants, but I did like The Secret Life Of Bees.  Right now I'm trying to read Emma.  I read Pride and Prejudice last summer and really liked it, but Emma is a lot more boring...Jane Austen needed a little less conversation and a lot more action in that book for my taste!  Anyways, I now have a library card, because I realized it is much cheaper to borrow the books and see if I like them before I buy them.  So I am taking suggestions for books to read.  If you have any ideas of good books, tell me!  As I said before, I like just about anything, especially historical fiction, and I'm into classic novels.  It makes me feel smart to read those.  I'm reading back over this blog entry, and it seems like I NEED to read more because my writing is horrible!  If you have any suggestions, let me know...Denise-I'm anxiously awaiting your suggestions!  Oh, and I often read what I'm reading out loud to Ava, (Emma has proved to be a good bedtime read for her) so no trashy romances.  I think they're pretty stupid anyways!

What Color?

Micah and I should be buying a house Wednesday if everything goes as planned.  We have some painting to do before we move in, though, and I can't decide what color to paint Ava's room.  Here's some pics of her current room with her decor, so tell me what colors you think might look good on the walls!!
This is not Ava's room, but it is her bedding.

These are Ava's current room.  Her new room will be the same, just bigger!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold Front

I usually don't like cold weather, but yesterday Ava and I waited anxiously for the cold front to come in.  We've been living in a house about half the size of our house in Blossom and have been paying electric bills that are about twice the price, so I've been ready for the temperature to lower a little so our AC will run less.  We began the day at 6am when Ava woke up to eat.  She not only wanted to eat, she also wanted to play.  I have never been very lively at 6 in the morning, so we laid on the couch together and watched the news.  We both fell asleep and woke up much later that morning, about 10:00.  After that, we got up, got dressed, played for a while, then put a movie in and sat in the chair and watched the movie.  I watched, Ava slept.  About the time the movie was over, the cold front blew in and things really cooled off.  We got ready for church, Ava wore her pumpkin shirt and black pants, because that is one of the few cool weather outfits she has that fit her right now.  When we got home, Ava took a bath and she wore her footed PJs for the first time.  They are really cute.  Pictures below.  As you can see, my life is rather uneventful, but very enjoyable!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ava's Video

The Green, Green Grass of Home

Not our home, Jorge and Amy's home.  We went by and saw their grass, and it is nice.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I tried to put this video on my last post, but it didn't work.  I finally got it figured out, though.  So, here is a video of Zoey stretching.  We thought it was pretty funny.

Friday, October 10, 2008


We visited with Lane and Page and their girls at their house this past week.  Here are some pics and videos from that.

Ava is 2 Months Old

I know this is late, but Ava here is Ava's two month old picture.  It seems like she's been around alot longer than two months, and it is amazing how much things have changed these past two months!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ava Laughing

Okay, I'm going to try and post this video of Ava laughing, or at least we think she is laughing!

Getting In Shape

So, I've been running.  At first it sucked, but I'm actually starting to enjoy it now.  I've never been a runner but always wanted to be.  In Jr. High I was the kid (well, one of them) who had a hard time running the mile in 10 minutes for that stupid president's challenge.  When I was in College Station I worked out with a friend of mine who was a personal trainer and she finally got me running a mile easily, though not quickly, and I enjoyed it.  I remember at that time that I could actually walk with Page and she would start breathing hard before me.  Granted, she was about 5 months pregnant with Zoey, but it was still exciting for me.  My goal now is to run 3 miles, and I'm on the couch potato training program which is working pretty well for me.  I can tell it is getting easier for me each time and I am able to run a little more each time.  Micah is doing a great job of coming home and watching Ava and making me go run-not in a male chauvinist, I can't have a fat wife way, but a I know you can do this and you want to do this so go do it way.  Hopefully I will be able to run the 3 miles by Thanksgiving.  Oh, and Amy Buchanan, every time I run I think of you...Thanks!