Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lubbock-Part 1

This week we are in Lubbock for the Ag Teachers Conference. While Micah is in meetings, Ava and I have been running around having fun. Yesterday we walked around Tech (our hotel is right across the street). I knew Micah wouldn't want me to take any pictures of Ava there, but we found one location that was acceptable.

Micah's cousin Lyneil and her family have recently moved to the Lubbock area, so we've been hanging out with them. Today we painted ceramic plates and then went to our first McDonald's. Ava enjoyed the chicken nuggets quite a bit. Here are some pics of the kids painting their plates.

Ava decided that she needed some animal crackers.

Our hotel doesn't have a bathtub, so Ava got to bathe in the sink.

We will be here until Friday, so there will be more to come!!

The Park

Last week while the weather was cooler Micah and I took Ava to the park. She LOVES the park. She's still a little to small to play on everything by herself, but she loves to swing, play in the tunnels, and go down the slide.

Monday, July 20, 2009


We have been very busy lately, Ava especially, and it is wearing ME out! Ava is a full fledged walker now. She loves to carry things with her, and I think she figured out it is much easier to carry things while walking than crawling, so she is walking everywhere! Along with walking, she is exploring and getting into everything, including the antique icebox. Hope it's not lead based paint in there!

We have also started switching from formula to whole milk. The first cup I gave her she spit back out. So, I tried the straw cup, and for some reason it tasted better in that and she walked around all afternoon with her straw cup sipping her milk.

Friday we decided to go to the Dallas Zoo since it was slightly cooler. This was the only picture we got, but it's cute!

Ava has also learned how to take her diaper off, so there will be fewer "jungle girl" days now. I walked in to check on her during her nap and she was snuggled up with her blanket in one hand and her diaper in the other, with her bare bottom sticking high in the air. I put the diaper back on her only to find when she woke up a few hours later the diaper was off again and she had peed all over the sheets that I had just changed. It was kinda funny, though.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

11 Months Old

Ava is 11 months old! In less than a month, she will be 1 year old (for those of you that needed that explanation). She is walking now, though crawling is still her main method of transportation. She is talking a lot and imitating sounds. She can say "kitty, kitty, kitty" in a high pitched voice like she is calling the kittens, she says "wow" and uh oh an bye-bye, and waves to everyone whenever we go anywhere. She is very friendly and loves to do stuff. We went to the spray park last week and she thought it was great. She would just sit in the water and try and grab it.

Ava's 11 month birthday was July 4, so her pictures are taken at Ricky and Lynda's house and she's holding two roman candles (unlit) for the number 11.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Play Dates

This past week Ava has had a few play dates. Last Wednesday Colton, Ellie, and baby Kaden came to our house to play and we had a blast. I forgot to take pictures, but I did get this one of Micah showing Colton how to use the conch shell.

Friday we went to see my friend from high school Misty and her babies, Ayson, Haydon, and Payton. Haydon and Payton are twins and are 9 months old. Ayson is 3 and will be 4 in September. They had a great time playing together and sharing each other's sippy cups.


Our new covered porch is officially finished! Here are some pics.