Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Change

I have felt much better the past few days...thanks for all the concern.  I've been helping Micah some at school so he won't have to worry about it when the baby gets here.  I went to the Dr. today and she said that there is no change.  She said I could still go into labor at any time, but if I went today it would just be a really long labor as opposed to someone who is dilated or effaced.  The baby hasn't dropped down very much yet.  I asked about inducing and she said they don't like to go past 42 weeks, right now I'm at 39 1/2 weeks.  She said it also depends on the baby and me. I go back to the Dr. next Thursday, if I haven't had the baby yet, so we might discuss it more then.  I would rather not be induced because apparently it is more painful, and my Dr. isn't real big on doing unnecessary inductions, so I'm glad about that.  I'll keep everyone updated, and we will let people know when I go into labor.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby's Room

Today I don't feel so great.  Maybe that means we're getting closer, well, obviously we're getting closer to the delivery day, but maybe it means we're getting really close.  We just finished our last childbirth class, so I guess we know everything we need to.  I know many are thinking yeah right.  I did not sleep well last night so I'm really tired today.  My lack of sleep is not due to discomfort from the pregnancy but the strange dreams I have been having!  It seems that every hour it is something different and they always wake me up!  My mom came this morning and hung up curtains she made in the baby's room and made me 4 layer delight.  I ate a bunch and now I feel a WHOLE lot better.  Here are some pictures of the baby's room.  There are a few things we are going to add, like a canvas or letters with her name, but that will have to wait until after she's here!

Changing Table-Kaden tried it out for us and let me know I need to rearrange a few things!

The Sleeping Area (hopefully)-Mom made the curtains, Jeff took the picture and I thought it matched the room well, Vanessa (Jeff's wife) made the quilt on the glider.

This is the quilt Vanessa made.  Very impressive for her first quilt, and it's really soft.

This is the dresser that is standing in until Jake gets the dresser that is supposed to go in the baby's room done.  We will just keep waiting.  The bears on top-the one on the left was my bear and the one on the right Jake and Amber made at Build-a-Bear.  The white outfit is the baby's going home outfit that Grandmama and Papa got for us, and you can see my pretty brown and turquoise diaper bag that Grandmama and Papa got us also.

The "Play Area"

Four Layer Delight-The greatest dessert ever.

My new Texas Educator Certificate that shows I am now certified to be a principal K-12.  I'm glad that we are fortunate enough that I don't have to use it this next school year!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'd Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Hamburger Today

I've always identified with Wimpy from Popeye cartoons, mainly because he is very smart and likes hamburgers. Since I've been pregnant, my love for burgers has diminished. I have tried them several times, and each time they taste like a dirty sock. Thanks to my dear cousin Lane for letting me know what dirty socks taste like so I can make this comparison today. So last night when we stopped at Sonic to get something to eat, I knew a burger was not what I wanted, especially since their's aren't the greatest. But I decided to try it once again. To my surprise, I liked it! I am overjoyed that my love for hamburgers is beginning to return. I am wondering if this means that maybe the baby is coming soon. We'll see. Tressie's first guess was wrong, and today was the day I thought she might be here, but I'm thinking that's not gonna happen either. We are getting ready for her to be here, though, and Jorge-I've told her all about your grass. I think she would like to see it someday. Keep it alive.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dr. Visit

Well, tomorrow, the 27th, is the first guess date that we are approaching. We will see if Tressie is right or not. I went to the Dr. yesterday and she said the baby is head down, hasn't really dropped, I'm not dilated at all, and the baby is about 8 lbs (though she said she is not very good at estimating weight). She did say that there is more baby in there than I get credit interpretation-I look small and am all baby. My next appointment is Thursday, unless I go into labor before then!

Andrea and Karl and Kaden came and stayed for a couple of days this week. We had a lot of fun with them. I particularly enjoyed the part where Andrea did all my laundry and fixed my hair dryer...again. Micah and Karl worked up at the ag shop and got it all in order. I am very glad about that because now Micah isn't worried about it and won't be when the baby gets here. Now all we need to do is get his classroom in order (which Andrea helped us with) and figure out what he is going to teach. They worked hard and may not want to come back for a while, especially since my fish bowl still isn't clean.

This morning we went to a ceremony for National Guard troops leaving for Iraq in a few weeks. We went to see Lucas Arnold, a friend from church in Paris. We are very proud of him and his family and ask for prayers for his safety and for the comfort of his family.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Will The Baby Be Here?

I don't know! But here are guesses people have made so far...keep checking here for new guesses. I'm too lazy to make a real calendar!

July 27-Tressie
July 28-GiGi
August 1-Amber
August 2-Page
August 3-Eli
August 4-April
August 5-Jorge y Amy
August 6-Hunter
August 7-Ashley
August 8-Micah, Lyneil, Pam (08-08-08...kinda cool)
August 9-Tressie
August 10-Andrea
August 11-Phillip
August 12-Sally
August 13-Amy
October 10-Jorge - If that is her birthday, her name will be Jorgita. I will expect $20 from Jorge.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July, Andrea and Kaden, the Doctor's Visit

For the 4th of July we went to Paris to Micah's aunt and uncle's house.  They have a big deal every year for their family and friends, including water and mud and fireworks.  I thought the fact that I was nine months pregnant and wearing my camera around my neck would protect me from the massive buckets of water that were being tossed around.  Apparently I was wrong.  I survived, however, and the camera did as well.  I did avoid the mud, but Micah didn't.  He had mud clods coming out of his ear a week later!

Andrea and Kaden McDonald came to our house last week to visit.  We enjoyed them being here so much!  They reassured us GREATLY about having a kid.  Kaden was so pleasant and Andrea is such a good mom that they made it all look easy!  Kaden tried out our baby's crib and he survived it, so I'm feeling good about putting our baby in it.  Thanks Kaden for being our test dummy!!

Finally, I went to the Dr. again last Thursday.  She said everything looked good, so we are still planning on the due date being around the first week of August.  We have had several people submit their "guess dates".  You don't have to pay money to guess a date!  I'm working on a calendar thing still, and I'll get it posted as soon as I can.  I think we have just about everything we need for the baby (at first, anyways).  One thing I don't have that I want is a sling to carry the baby around in.  If any of you have used one or have any suggestions, I would appreciate them!  Andrea uses a snuggli and she likes it a lot.  I go to the Dr. again next Thursday, so I'll let you know if there are any changes.  

Here are some pics from the 4th, from Andrea and Kaden's visit, and a video and song that Hunter made on my computer!
Playing water balloon toss

Eli and Brazos

Me, 9 months pregnant

Micah and Kaden (Andrea's kid) at our house

Hunter's Video and song...he thought he was pretty cool.

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Pregnancy As of Today

Just to keep everyone updated and let them know what is going on...
So far, everything in my pregnancy is NORMAL.  We are very grateful for that!!!!  I am 36 weeks pregnant, or 9 months.  Full term is considered 10 months, so I still have about a month to go.  I feel fine, really not any different than normal.  My feet hurt sometimes and I get tired if I've been very active, but other than that I feel good.  Micah and I have been trying to walk at night.  It is less humid here so the evenings are really pleasant.  I don't even sweat when we walk.  I haven't been hot, and haven't really swollen very much, though I did some this weekend in Paris.  I have gained about 30 pounds during my pregnancy, which is exactly where I should be at this point in time.  I measure about 36 centimeters, which is also exactly where I should be (you should measure in centimeters how many weeks you are).  So, contrary to popular belief, I'm NOT too big!  I'm NOT carrying twins, and I'm pretty sure it is physically possible for me to carry my baby a few weeks longer!  Check out Page's blog (The Boyd Gang) to see some other things you should not say to a pregnant woman!  I have no symptoms of going into labor anytime Braxton-Hicks contractions (that I know of), the baby hasn't dropped yet.  Micah was supposed to go to Lubbock next week for a few days and the Dr. said that would be perfectly fine, she's not worried about me going into labor anytime soon.  Things didn't work out and we decided it would probably be best for him not to go anyways.  I will start my weekly visits this week.  I will go see the Dr. this Thursday and I'll post if there is any new news!

Having said all that, we are now taking guesses about when the baby will actually arrive.  Her technical due date is August 4.  This is according to my first sonogram, which is the most accurate prediction of due date.  My second sonogram said July 30, and the third sonogram said August 1.  Research says that only about 5% of women deliver on their actual due date, with the remaining 95% delivering sometime in the two weeks before or after their due date.  My Dr. is very go with the flow, let nature take its course, and typically doesn't even discuss induction until you are about a week overdue.  Now that you have the facts, here are the rules for making a baby due date guess.  Just email me what date you think the baby will arrive.  It's $5 a square (date).  If you want to make more than one guess, you can.  If you win, you get your $5 back.  The rest of the money goes to the baby's college fund...or you can just make a guess and not pay anything...we really don't care!!!  I will try and work up some kind of calendar to post on the blog so everyone can see who is guessing what. 

I will keep you updated and let you know if anything changes!!

Oh, and I'm making a book of people's faces and names for the baby so she can be familiar with those...yes, we are expecting our child to be smart...I heard that the baby's IQ comes from the, if you want our kid to know you, email us a picture and what you want her to call you.  Some of you we have names for already, so she's gonna learn what we teach her!  Some of you (like my mom) we don't know what you want to be called, so let us know!!