Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Favorite Pastime

Ava loves to watch TV. Every morning when we wake up, we sit in the recliner and eat our breakfast together while watching tv. Sometimes we watch the Today Show, sometimes she grabs the remote and lets me know that's not what she wants to watch and we turn it to the Disney Channel or PBS. Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are by far her favorite shows. In this picture, you will see that she has her plate of pancakes (with peanut butter, not syrup) and her milk and is intently watching tv while eating her breakfast.

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved our pumpkin for Halloween. Ava was a big help to Micah and she thought it was lots of fun. She helped scoop out the insides, then used a very dull knife to help Micah carve the pumpkin's face. She tried to eat the gooey stuff on the inside several times and finally realized it wasn't that great. When we were all done we turned out the lights and lit the candle in the pumpkin and she was fascinated. She even gave the pumpkin a kiss goodnight!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cooking and Football

Ava loves to cook with me. She will sit on the counter and pour all sorts of stuff into whatever we are cooking. She even made green bean casserole with me the other day, poured all the ingredients in and then stirred it up. She then stuck her foot in it, so we had to make another batch. We made brownies the other day and she was much more interested in eating the batter than actually cooking.

Friday night we went to the Rice football game. Micah is announcing the games, so we got to sit in the press box. We only stayed one quarter, that was as much as we could take. Ava liked the band and dancing on the counter in the pressbox.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ava has many cute outfits, most of them not bought by me! Here are a few recent ones.

This shirt says "Small Fry". Lyneil or Andrea bought it for us before we even knew we were having a kid. It's still a little big for Ava, but she wears it.

This is Ava in her red satin nightgown. I had one very similar to this when I was little. Her Grammy bought it for her at Canton.

This is a super cute outfit Grandmama bought for her. She looks so grown up when she wears it!

Yard Work

Ava loves the lawnmower. She really loves anything that makes a lot of noise. These were taken one morning that it wasn't raining and Micah could actually get out and mow the lawn. Ava and I went out to watch, and she ran out into they yard after him and rode with him for a while. She doesn't look like she's having fun in these pictures, but she really is!

I Fought The Law

Cute picture of Ava riding happily in her carseat. Notice the blue light in the background? Yes, it's a cop. I got pulled over tonight driving a little too fast in town. And I got a ticket. Ava and I had gone to eat and watch part of the Rice football game with Micah and were on our way home. Ava threw a fit while we ate, threw a fit at the game, but was as happy as she could be when we got pulled over. If only she could have thrown a fit then, maybe we could have gotten away with a warning! To make things worse, as soon as I pulled over and put the car in park, I texted Micah to let him know we were getting pulled over, just in case the cop was an imposter and was about to kidnap us. That's the Gipson coming out in me. So, the cop walks up and I'm texting. He made me feel really bad about being a texting, speeding mother with her "precious cargo" (his words). Oh well, we are home and safe and will try to pay attention to the speed in the future!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

iPhone Pics

I don't download pictures from my iPhone very often, so here are a few I downloaded recently that are cute.

Ava wearing her sunglasses while we go for a walk

Ava in a cute outfit that reminds me of Cousin Stacey. If they had it in a big girl size I would buy it for her.

While we were in Paris, we visited Chisum Elementary where I used to teach. They have remodeled the whole building and it all looks fantastic! We went into Mrs. Pickering's Pre-K room (super cute, Charlot) and Ava made herself at home.

Micah washed the Ag truck's tires this week and Ava helped him. This picture was taken the next day when I went outside with Ava. She found a brush and walked to each tire of my car and proceeded to "clean" them. Smart kid.