Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ava's New Hobby

Ava loves to color! Well, actually she loves to take every crayon out of the box and hold them all at one time while attempting to color with one hand. When she actually does color, she does a pretty good job for an 18 month old. She generally will hoard her colors in her left hand while using her right hand to actually color with the crayon of choice. And she holds the crayon correctly while coloring! She does this with a pencil, also, and loves to walk around with a pencil and notepad and scribble. She can say the names of all the colors-they've been working on this at MDO-but she doesn't know which color is which yet. She seems to like the brown and blue a lot, though.

Playing Outside

In between our days of 3 inches of snow (crazy!) we've had some good weather and have gotten to outside and play. Here are just a few pictures. I've got some video of Ava yelling at Tank that I will try to post later.

Sunday it was warm enough that Ava decided she could go for a swim.


Meal times at our house are usually lots of fun, and I'm not being sarcastic! Ava really is a good eater and generally eats whatever I fix her. Breakfast we usually either sit at the table and eat waffles or oatmeal and some sort of fruit, or we sit in the recliner and eat while watching cartoons. Ava prefers the recliner. Lunch and dinner we eat at the table and she does well for both, though she has been doing some things lately that make us laugh. She has started to like eating her food directly off the plate. We've been working (not very diligently) on using utensils, but I think she's decided that eating directly off the plate is a much more efficient way of getting all the food she wants in her mouth.

Last Sunday Micah decided that we would go to Waxahachie and try out Logan's Roadhouse. It was okay, not as good as Texas Roadhouse. Ava's favorite thing was the butter. She picked up the tub that came with our rolls and shoved it in her face and proceeded to lick the butter out. When we took it away, she was not a happy camper. So we gave it back and Micah and I enjoyed our meal while Ava ate butter.

Notice her cute white tutu sticking out from under her A&M jacket. This is an outfit that our friend Whitney gave Ava and it's really cute, but white, so I put the jacket on her to protect the outfit. It worked really well. I think this jacket will be Ava's new bib!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ava's Antics

Ava does funny things all the time. Here are just a few of her recent antics. She decided the flowers were thirsty and needed a drink. She also has gotten into putting her food in interesting places and then eating it, like my hot chocolate, the bathtub, the floor,

The Baby's Room-37 Weeks.

The baby's room is done...enough. The crib is ready, the changing table is ready, we've got diapers, wipes, and clothes, so I think we are good to go! I'm 37 weeks pregnant, which means I'm full term and I could have this baby any time in the next six weeks! My technical due date is March 13, so I've got less than a month left. I went to the doctor yesterday, she said everything looked good. The baby has dropped a little and is head down. I told her that Micah was going to be out of town next week and she said that should be fine. I think she was going to check and see if I was dilated at all, but decided not to since Micah was going to be gone. She didn't want to freak us out if I was dilated any, because it really doesn't mean anything! I could be dilated to a 4 for weeks or not dilated at all and have the baby the next day (like I did with Ava). She thought I would be just fine for one more week. However, when I was leaving she let me know that she was on call this weekend, so if anything started to happen I should come on in! That made me realize that I need to get on the ball and start packing my bags and getting things together!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday it snowed off and on all morning long in Corsicana, but it never really stuck. Finally, about 3:00, the snow started to stick. When Ava woke up from her nap, there were huge snowflakes falling and the backyard was white. She looked out the backdoor, her eyes got really wide, and she said, "Whoa!" She was very excited about the snow. We got out this morning, layered her in tons of clothes, and played in the snow. She thought it was great, as long as she didn't have to touch it. She loved walking in it, but wouldn't taste it and didn't like it on her hands. Tank came out and played with us, too, and he felt pretty much the same way. His toys kept getting lost in the snow and he wasn't too crazy about that. Overall I think we got about 5 or 6 inches. Ava played for awhile, then finally fell down and said she was all done!