Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ava's first experience with play dough. A friend suggested I use playdough to help Ava learn her colors, so I went out and bought a multi-colored pack. We took it out, I gave her a color, got her to say the color, then tried to show her how to squish it. She did not like that. She just wanted to take the playdough out, look at it, then put it back up. She hasn't learned her colors yet, either.

On the other hand, she does a great job playing with her Mr. Potato head and all the pieces. She likes to put them on herself now and is putting them on Max, too!

Ava also loves to wear the laundry hamper on her head and walk around the house.

Ava and Max are starting to enjoy each other more. He is actually letting her hold him, and smiling while she tries to feed him her milk.

Ava-22 Months

Ava is now 22 months old, almost to the terrible twos! I think they've hit a little early, though, because one of her favorite things to do now is throw herself on the floor and throw a fit. She talks more and more every day and is putting two and three words together. She can pretty much let us know what she wants and lets us know when she doesn't get what she wants. She sleeps from about 8pm-8am, which is great, and still takes one 2-3 hour nap a day. If she goes to bed late, she wakes up early. Strange. She is very busy and always has something on her agenda.

Ava has been getting sick about once a month. This picture is from her last sick spell. This is the only time she has ever just laid down on the couch and fallen asleep.

Ava loves to collect things. Here she has multiple packets of flower seeds.

Ava's favorite spot to eat breakfast is in the rocking chair while watching tv.

Bed-Head after her nap.

Ava and Max

3 Months Old

Max is now three months old! He is growing constantly. He now weighs about 15 pounds. He likes to be held and cuddled a lot, and definitely likes to eat all the time! He's eating about every two to three hours. He sleeps during the day, but not in his bed. He does best on the couch, in the carseat, or in someone's arms. He sleeps in his bed at night though and will sleep all night sometimes. Other nights he will wake up two or three times ready to eat and play! Hopefully as he gets older this will get better. He is laughing and likes to be talked to and sang to. He's just now gotten to where tummy time is ok, and he will pick his head up well. Overall, he's doing well and seems to be a happy boy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Master Bathroom

Micah has begun work on our master bathroom! It's been pretty nasty. I have tried cleaning it really good a couple of times, but it just never seemed clean enough. So we're ripping everything out and putting new stuff back in! Here are some pictures of the bathroom before...

And here are the after pictures. I already like the bathroom better. This is the cleanest it has ever been!

We demolished the bathroom on Saturday. Miraculously both Ava and Max went down for a nap at the same time in their own beds and slept for like 3 hours! By the time they woke up, we were done. Ava walked into our room after she woke up, looked in the bathroom and said, "Oh no! Where'd it go?"