Monday, February 4, 2013

6 Months Old

Gus is 6 months old....well, he's actually almost 7 months old, I'm just behind.  He weighs 22 lbs, is wearing 12 month clothes, and loves to eat.  He's eating baby food once a day now.  He's very happy and smiling and the morning, and super fussy all evening long.  He still sleeps a lot, but is having more awake time.  He has been able to go to bible class and seems to enjoy that.  He is developing some head control and really seems to enjoy music and jingle bells.  Gus is definitely a mama's boy.  He is still having anywhere from 10-30 seizures a day, but he is having more good days.  We are looking forward to the spring when the weather is nice and there isn't so much sickness around so we can get out into the world more!