Friday, May 21, 2010

Ava and Max

And here is a video of Ava and Max playing.

Ava is a Genius

Ava somehow has learned to count to ten! I think it's from Sesame Street. I was doing crunches the other day and I count out loud with her and Max around. I stopped at 7 because I was feeling a little lazy, and Ava kept counting..."8, 9, 10". I was shocked and started at one with her, and she said all her numbers all the way to ten! She's a mathematical genius. We got a video of her counting, though she doesn't do as well for the video. She was distracted by Tank outside and her daddy's shoes.

Check out the video here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Pictures

Watching TV

I cleaned out the DVD cabinet an Ava decided to help from the inside


Gotta wear shades

Happy boy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Months Old

Max is now two months old! Time flies. He weighs 13 pounds, 10 ounces which is in the 90th percentile, and is 23 inches long which is in the 50th percentile. So he's a somewhat chubby baby. He is sleeping good at night, but during the day wants to be held all the time! He is very cuddly and loves to eat all the time. He is finally taking a pacifier and will take a bottle when we make him. He is smiling all the time, he loves to be outside and to be talked to. Ava really likes him now, she likes to take care of him and talk to him. She wakes up in the morning and her first question is "Where's Max?" Overall, things are going well!

Max has very pretty skin, everyone comments on it.

Lifting his head up. Tummy time is not his favorite, but we manage to get some in.

Ava playing with Max

Ava eating strawberries and whipped cream. She's pretty messy.

Stock Show

Last month Ava, Max, and I went to the Lamar County Stock Show to watch Hunter show his sheep. He did a great job, and we had lots of fun and got to see family and friends.

Lynda and Max

Hunter showing

Ava and Eli watching the show

Papa and Max