Monday, September 28, 2009


Last week Andrea, Karl, and Kaden came to visit us. We had lots of fun and enjoyed them being at our house. While they were here, the kids played, we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum and the Waco Zoo. Here are a few pics from our week.

Caged Up

We went to Paris a few weeks ago to pick up some lambs and visit with Micah's family. The kids had a great time playing in the lamb cage. Ava was the only smart one who didn't go inside. She sat outside and laughed at all the other kids!

Ava and Tank

Now that our fence is finished, our dog Tank has come to live with us. Ava is loving it! She wakes up in the morning, points outside, and starts barking. Her favorite place in the living room is at the window so she can see Tank. And we are going outside ALL the time so she can play with him. Tank, on the other hand, could care less about her. He pretty much ignores her. If she comes up to pet him he will let her, and he's very nice to her. I think he just could care less about her right now because she can't throw him a toy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Never Leave Children Unattended

They will become dirty laundry...

Try to start a fire...

Attempt to flood the house...

Make a huge mess...

Or fix themselves a snack.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Do We Do?

Not much. Now that Micah is back at work, Ava and I get to just hang out. In the morning, we sit in the recliner. We clean the house some, do some laundry sometimes, and cook when I feel like it, which lately isn't very often. We go to the Y and workout, or just go for a walk somewhere. We've been going to the spray park, but that will be closed soon and hopefully the weather will be cool enough for us to go to the actual park. We take Micah lunch every now and then, which is always fun. Today we took him a hamburger and found that he was having his students compete in a poetry contest about meatballs. Interesting. Here are a few pictures from our days at home!

This is a dress I made for Ava. Impressive, huh? My friend Shannon made her little girl a "Crimson Tide" dress, so I just had to make Ava an Aggie one. I'm looking for pretty pillowcases now to make some more. They will be great for next summer. Oh, and I think Ava looks like Stacey in this picture.

We like to play outside a lot. Ava does pretty well staying on the back porch and playing with her abundance of toys. She has finally figured out how to make the lion go forward!

Every now and then we will venture out to the library. Ava loves it. She runs all over the place pulling books off the shelves and playing with the books and toys in the kid area.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Mama's Away....

This summer Micah was home more than usual, so he watched Ava for me several times while I got to go do whatever I wanted!
I usually don't ask about what happened while I was gone. I figure most times it's better if I just don't know. However, there were some times that Micah took pictures of what Ava did while I was gone, and they are pretty funny.

Ava decided she needed some formula, but didn't want the water.

Watering the tomato plants

And finally, last night we decided Micah would put Ava to bed since I always do and she needs to get used to other people putting her to bed. Anyways, it went okay, she cried a little but not much and fell asleep. When I was ready to go to bed I checked on Ava first and this is what I found. She was fully clothed in her outfit she had worn yesterday, shoes and all. Somehow Micah had overlooked the whole take-her-shoes-off-put-her-pajamas-on part of getting ready for bed!

Thanks Micah for all your help!!!