Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I went to the doctor today for my 28 week visit, and she performed another ultrasound to see if we could better determine the baby's gender. Last time she thought girl, this time she thinks boy. So, we have decided to prepare for both! The baby is in a frank breech position, so it is very difficult to see what we need to see. Everything looks good and healthy, though, so we are glad. There is plenty of time for the baby to turn for delivery so we aren't worried about that yet. I had my glucose test today and my sugar levels were great. My iron is still low, even though I've been taking additional iron pills. I get to take more now and hopefully that will help me not be so tired. Overall things are good, the doctor said I'm just the right size, and I actually weighed less than I thought I would at this visit. Here are our ultrasound pictures from each visit.

Week 16
Verdict: Boy

Week 24
Verdict: Girl??

Week 28
Verdict: Boy

Can't really tell much from these, so that's why we are preparing for a boy or girl.

Friday, December 18, 2009

First Christmas Present of 2009

We have been very busy at the Fry house making Christmas food, gifts, going to parties, and working. Ava and I went to work Thursday at Mother's Day Out. I had a class of four one year olds, including Ava. It was an interesting day. The kids were all good, but I could definitely see how spoiled Ava and I both are. Neither of us are used to having to deal with other kids during the day and when she didn't get what she wanted she turned into a bit of a bully. Overall she did okay, though the other kids didn't let her sleep as long as she wanted and I am still sore from chasing after 4 kids all day! All of the busy-ness is just a long way for me to explain why Ava is in her pajamas in the following pictures. We have been so busy at home doing stuff that I just haven't felt the need for us to really get dressed. So, Wednesday and Friday were both pajama days at our house. On Wednesday, Ava got her first Christmas present this year from my aunt and uncle Kelly and Gary. I'm not sure if she was supposed to open it yet or not, but I went ahead and let her. She wasn't really sure of what to do with the package so I had to show her how to open it. Once she finally got the toy out of the wrapping, she wanted it out of the box quickly, which was not easy to accomplish. We finally got it out, and she loves it. It's a spinning top that makes animal sounds and counts, two things Ava loves to do. While the present was great, the real hit of the whole package was the box full of styrofoam peanuts the present came in. Ava has had days of fun playing with the peanuts, and my vaccum cleaner is about tired of them! Thanks Kelly and Gary for the great present!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Look What I Know

I've been working with Ava for a while trying to get her to learn the names of her body parts. She is not interested in it at all! But yesterday, I heard her saying "eyes, eyes". When I looked at her, she was pointing to her eyes! I was very excited and told her good job, and then asked her where her nose was. She proceeded to stick her finger up her nose...the first time I have ever seen her do this! She was so excited that she found this cool hole to stick her finger in, she kept doing it and laughing. So, I laughed too and took a picture. This just goes to show all of you who think I taught their child how to pick their nose, they are going to do it wether they are taught or not!!

Grammy and Papa Jack's House

After we went to Abilene, Ava and I went to Lone Oak for a few days where we got to hang out with Grammy, Papa Jack, and all the dogs and cats. Ava had lots of fun here, too!

Ava and Grammy by the tree

Ava in her Rudolph Christmas outfit

Sitting with Annie. Her favorite spot in the office was on the dog beds. Shortly after this picture was taken, Ava tried to climb over Annie, who is 17 years old and arthritic. Annie didn't care for it and snapped at Ava. This did not phase Ava, though, and she was quickly looking for the dogs again!

Watching some more TV

Girls, Girls, Girls!!

Ava has lots of cousins on both sides of our family. On Micah's side, they are all boys. On my side, they are all girls! This week she and I went to Abilene to stay with Lane and Page and visit our "girl cousins". Ava had a blast playing with Zoey, Maddie, and Emma Claire. It was really nice having three other girls around because I got a break from playing with Ava...she wasn't interested in me at all, she just wanted to do whatever they were doing! And Page's house is totally kidproof, so I didn't have to worry about Ava much at all, she just got to play all day!

We watched the older girls make a gingerbread house.

Emma Claire and Ava played the piano.

Emma Claire showed Ava how to pet Charlie, which she loved!

Relaxing watching some TV, our favorite pasttime.

4 silly girls in a bath tub!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

26 Weeks

Only about 100 days left to go with Frybaby #2. We still don't know if it's a boy or girl, but hopefully will find out December 22! I have grown alot over the past two months and am beginning to feel it. The days that I work out, I need a nap and tend to go to bed a little earlier than the days I don't. Overall, though, things are going well. The baby is VERY active and I feel good. Ava has no clue about any of it. After Christmas when we set up her new room and the baby's room, maybe she will be able to understand that something is going on.

This is me a little over 7 months pregnant with Ava (just for reference)

Here I am almost 7 months pregnant with #2. I think this one is lower and about the same size.

Getting Ready for Christmas

My camera is broken and Micah's is missing, both things I'm blaming on Ava!! As a result, we don't have many pictures recently, and I have NONE of our Thanksgiving. I'll blog all about that later. At home, we've been getting ready for Christmas. Ava was a big help putting up the the tree and decorations, letting me know where NOT to put things. She loves the tree and every time we turn the lights on she says "Wow!!". She is learning not to touch the decorations, just look. I wrapped all our Christmas presents last night and so far, she hasn't bothered them. She did go and sit on one this morning so she could get a closer look at the TV. I think she's enjoying Christmas so far. I'm enjoying it, too, because this is the first year in a while that I haven't been teaching or moving houses and I actually have time to get some Christmas stuff done without rushing at the last minute!

Ava checking out the tree and presents.

My fake mantle that I made, then Micah improved. Micah also made a sign for one of his cousins that's in the picture.

Christmas shirts I made for Zoey, Maddie, Emma Claire, and Ava. I'm making one for Kailee, too, just haven't got it done yet!

Ava helped put up and decorate the tree by climbing up and down the ladder over, and over, and over!

Taking a break on the vacuum.

Shopping With Ava

Shopping with an active 15 month old is very interesting. Most of the time, she's okay. But there are times that she is tired of sitting in the stoller or buggy and will throw a huge fit. If I let her out, she is gone before I let go of her hand, pulling things off the shelves and playing hide-n-go-seek. I've been trying to work with her on staying with me when we shop, but it hasn't really sunk in yet. I have tried many things, including making her sit in time-out at the clinique counter at one store! As a result, our Christmas shopping has been done in short spurts, and a lot has been done online-the best thing ever!

We are at Home Depot and she is mad!

At Wal-Mart, my sunglasses were keeping her occupied.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's A...

Baby. We went to the ob yesterday for my monthly check-up (I'm 24 weeks) and she did the big sonogram where we are supposed to find out for sure what the baby is. Now, we have already had an unofficial sonogram at 16 weeks and saw the baby was a boy, but we were having this one just as a confirmation. With Ava, the sonogram took about 30 minutes. We saw every body part, lots of face pictures, watched her move, all sorts of neat stuff. This sonogram took about 5 minutes, we never saw the face (which made me sad), but did see the top of the baby's head and its spine, which both looked good. And when she went to look for the gender, she said the baby was breech and it would be hard to tell, but she thought it looked like a girl! So, we are now clueless about the sex of our new baby, and Micah and I both are people who don't like to be clueless!! I suppose we are being taught a lesson in patience and should be grateful for a healthy baby (which we are), but we are just slightly frustrated!!! I'm contemplating going to a private facility for a 3D sonogram but I'm not sure about that. Oh well, we will find out eventually what the baby is!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

15 Months and 21 Weeks

Ava is 15 months old! It seems like she has always been here. She is a really great kid and is happy most of the time, until you tell her no or don't let her get her way. Then she can throw a huge fit! She eats well, fruits and veggies are her favorite things to eat. I got her chicken nuggets from McDonalds recently and she would not eat them. I made her some veggies instead and she devoured them. She is also a huge fan of chips of any kind. She has recently discovered how to dip them into hot sauce, ketchup, whatever is available. She tries to do so many things that we do now. She can drink pretty well from a real cup, though we don't try that too often, and she loves to shake something into her cup, like sweet-n-low. We don't let her actually eat sweet-n-low, don't worry, she just pretends. She copies lots of things we say and can say things on her own like: mama, dada (she always knows when Micah is home), Tank (the dog's name), dog, moo, cockadoodledoo (or a variation), bye bye, night night, eat, more, please, thank you, and her new favorite, no. She doesn't always do these on demand, but will say them when necessary. She can follow directions well, which amazes me every time. She know what it means when I say: "Let's go outside", "take a bath", "get a book", "go to Ava's/mama and daddy's room", "go bye bye", "movie", "sesame street" and probably lots more. She walks well, can go up a ladder and get down by herself, go down the slide, climb on just about anything, and can now throw a ball. She loves to read her books and play outside. She's growing fast, and I didn't realize how much she can actually do until I started writing it all down!

As for the new baby, we are currently around 21 weeks pregnant. I will go November 23 to the doctor and get my in depth sonogram. He moves all the time (we are pretty sure it's a boy). I have grown drastically over the past few weeks, and think I have to bigger than I was with Ava. This baby is definitely lower than she was, which I hope is a good thing for delivery. I have more aches and pains this time, but food wise things are good. I still love hamburgers, which I absolutely could not eat with Ava. I feel like these pregnancies are totally different from each other for some reason. We are over halfway there, and I know the next few months are going to fly by!! Overall, things are going good. This is not the most flattering picture of me, but oh well!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

This Halloween Micah, Ava, and I dressed up as cowboys and Indians. We took Ava trick or treating at our church's Trunk-or-Treat, and she loved it. It was cold and windy so we didn't stay too long, but she caught on to the concept very quickly. She had her little bucket and walked around to all of the cars and held it out until she got some candy. And she would NOT let her bucket go! She wound up eating two suckers that night, one with the paper on because she wouldn't let go of it long enough for me to take the paper off!

Indian Ava and Cowboy Micah

We told her there was no more candy...

Indian Ava

Practicing her Indian yell

Cowboys and Indians

Mickey and Minnie Mouse (Colton and Ellie, our buds) with Ava

Trunk-or-Treating with the Olsens

Thanks to the Boyd Gang for our cute costume, and Whitney for the boots!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Favorite Pastime

Ava loves to watch TV. Every morning when we wake up, we sit in the recliner and eat our breakfast together while watching tv. Sometimes we watch the Today Show, sometimes she grabs the remote and lets me know that's not what she wants to watch and we turn it to the Disney Channel or PBS. Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are by far her favorite shows. In this picture, you will see that she has her plate of pancakes (with peanut butter, not syrup) and her milk and is intently watching tv while eating her breakfast.

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved our pumpkin for Halloween. Ava was a big help to Micah and she thought it was lots of fun. She helped scoop out the insides, then used a very dull knife to help Micah carve the pumpkin's face. She tried to eat the gooey stuff on the inside several times and finally realized it wasn't that great. When we were all done we turned out the lights and lit the candle in the pumpkin and she was fascinated. She even gave the pumpkin a kiss goodnight!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cooking and Football

Ava loves to cook with me. She will sit on the counter and pour all sorts of stuff into whatever we are cooking. She even made green bean casserole with me the other day, poured all the ingredients in and then stirred it up. She then stuck her foot in it, so we had to make another batch. We made brownies the other day and she was much more interested in eating the batter than actually cooking.

Friday night we went to the Rice football game. Micah is announcing the games, so we got to sit in the press box. We only stayed one quarter, that was as much as we could take. Ava liked the band and dancing on the counter in the pressbox.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ava has many cute outfits, most of them not bought by me! Here are a few recent ones.

This shirt says "Small Fry". Lyneil or Andrea bought it for us before we even knew we were having a kid. It's still a little big for Ava, but she wears it.

This is Ava in her red satin nightgown. I had one very similar to this when I was little. Her Grammy bought it for her at Canton.

This is a super cute outfit Grandmama bought for her. She looks so grown up when she wears it!

Yard Work

Ava loves the lawnmower. She really loves anything that makes a lot of noise. These were taken one morning that it wasn't raining and Micah could actually get out and mow the lawn. Ava and I went out to watch, and she ran out into they yard after him and rode with him for a while. She doesn't look like she's having fun in these pictures, but she really is!