Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break

I've been avoiding the world of blogging. Why? I'm not sure. So, here's what we've been up to...

Last week was Spring Break for Micah, though he didn't get much of a break. He worked every day getting ready for the Houston Stock Show and Navarro County. Thursday he finally had some time so we made a quick trip to Paris to visit with his family. Then he had to come home to go to Houston and Ava and I went to Lone Oak for the weekend. Monday morning my mom had lung surgery so Jacob and I went to the hospital while Ava stayed and played with Aunt Jo. I wasn't feeling so hot, so we left and went back to Corsicana, where I proceeded to become VERY sick. I had a stomach virus or food poisoning or something, whatever it was it was bad! I didn't eat anything, and drank very little, for 3 days. My friend Lanette was a lifesaver and watched Ava for me on Tuesday while I was sick (it's on her blog-check it out-Penguinette under "Blogs We Read") and Micah's parents came down and stayed Tuesday night and Wednesday. They took Ava to the Expo and I know she had a blast. Thursday I was feeling much better and started eating again-yeah! Micah has been super busy with the Expo and we are ready for it to be over! Hopefully things will slow down some after that and we can start finishing our home renovations!

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penguinette said...

Like I said, I am sorry you got sick. But your yuckiness allowed me to have Ava all to myself. Loved it. Ellie is still wanting to know when baby Ava is coming back.