Friday, June 26, 2009


Since we've been back from Iowa, we have been busy here in Corsicana. MIcah and one of our neighbors are building us an awning for our new back porch. They got started on Tuesday and are hopefully going to finish up today. Our neighbor is a fireman so they are working on his days off. MIcah is also building us shutters for the front of the house, and we were planning on painting the trim of the house, but have decided to wait until the fall when it's a little cooler! Ava and I have been running around town a lot, just hanging out and having fun. We went swimming at Uncle Jake's in the big pool for the first time and she did great! She loved it! I dunked her twice and she came up smiling both times. We've also been working on switching from the bottle to a sippy cup and not using the pacifier anymore. It has been interesting. Here are a few pics from the past few weeks.

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Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Sweet girl! Yeah for swimming!!