Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lubbock-Part 1

This week we are in Lubbock for the Ag Teachers Conference. While Micah is in meetings, Ava and I have been running around having fun. Yesterday we walked around Tech (our hotel is right across the street). I knew Micah wouldn't want me to take any pictures of Ava there, but we found one location that was acceptable.

Micah's cousin Lyneil and her family have recently moved to the Lubbock area, so we've been hanging out with them. Today we painted ceramic plates and then went to our first McDonald's. Ava enjoyed the chicken nuggets quite a bit. Here are some pics of the kids painting their plates.

Ava decided that she needed some animal crackers.

Our hotel doesn't have a bathtub, so Ava got to bathe in the sink.

We will be here until Friday, so there will be more to come!!


Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Sweet Ava. Glad you are enjoying your time and not being held hostage to the hotel room!

Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Good to see that Braxton hasn't lost his tounge reach!

Jorge and Amy said...

I'm glad that you finished Ava's orientation to Tech. Now she's ready for her enriching education at one of the nations finest universities. Way to go!!! That's really thinking ahead! How are you feelin?