Friday, August 14, 2009

12 Months Old

Ava is now 12 months old! For those of you who read her birthday post, you already knew that. I'm just a little late with the 12 month post. She is definitely growing up into a big girl. She is no longer on formula or bottles, and we are contemplating getting rid of the pacifier (she only uses it when she sleeps) but haven't reallly tried it yet. She loves to play, and has also learned to throw fits. Fun stuff! She copies so much that we do. She can brush her hair, her teeth, talk on the phone, and say lots of stuff including hi, bye, kitty, daddy, meow (what the kitty says), uh oh, wow, and tons of random things. She doesn't say mama yet, but I think it's because I'm always there and she really doesn't have a need to. She weighs right at 23 pounds (70th%) and is 30 1/2 inches tall (90th%). We are looking forward to another year!!

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