Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our First Week Home

Things have been busy since we've been home, but they are going well. We've had several people visit us and bring us food, which has helped out sooooo much! Here are a few pics of our first week home with Max and Ava.

The Barham's brought us dinner and brought Ava a Handy Manny toolbox with tools. She loves it, she even wanted to sleep with the tools, as you can see. She fell asleep with the pliers on her face!

Max likes the boucy seat, Ava likes the car seat.

Amber and Jake came to see us, Amber was the only one who could keep Max happy that night!

Max sleeping in his crib for the first time. He's not that crazy about it yet, he prefers to be held.

Ava using her tools to fix Max's play mat.

Ava fixing Max's pillow.

Stacey and Bobby came to visit us. Ava was a big fan of Bobby!

Ava went to a birthday party and played in the bounce house and loved it!

Ava holding Max for the first time. It was first thing in the morning so we didn't look that great.

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