Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast With Santa

Today my mom took Ava, Max, and me to have breakfast with Santa Claus at Northpark. Micah and I have been preparing Ava all week, telling her that Santa was going to talk to her and she needed to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. We asked her what she was going to tell Santa she wanted and she said, "Toys". We guided her a little (we are getting her a tricycle) and asked, "What about a bicycle?" and she said "Yes!" We asked her "What about a tricycle" and she said "yeah, tricycle". Then she said, "What about a motorcycle?" We told her maybe when she got bigger she could ask for a motorcycle. Then she decided that Max needed a motorcyle.

Eating Breakfast, waiting for Santa

The Elf came by and gave Ava a cool balloon bracelet

Santa's here! Max loves Santa. He watched him while he walked around the whole room

Ava warmed up to Santa pretty quick. She told him she wants a tricycle, Max wants a motorcycle, and daddy wants a teddy bear.

Ava loves trains, so after we had breakfast Grammy took us to see the trains. Max and I didn't see them all because it was really crowded and our stroller didn't fit well. And Max was hungry. But Ava and Grammy really enjoyed the trains.

Thanks Grammy for a fun day!

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