Monday, January 24, 2011

Sickness and Snow

It all started January 2. We went to Arby's to eat with some friends, and Ava wouldn't eat. Not even french fries. That should've told me something was wrong, but I just thought she wasn't hungry. Then she kept saying she needed to spit. After several trips to the bathroom, she finally "spit". All over Arby's, the trash can, the floor, the bathroom...everywhere. The people at Arby's were really nice about it, and I was grateful. The rest of the night was spent in my bedroom and bathroom, with Ava "spitting" quite frequently. She began to recover the next morning and regally ate her breakfast in bed.

After her tummy troubles, Ava decided to run fever and develop pharyngitis (or a really bad sore throat). She was better by that Friday, which was good because Micah and I were going to the Cotton Bowl. On the way down, I didn't feel so great. We ate some food and I was better, but by half time we all were feeling a little down. It was pretty cool to get to go to the game, though, and we were on the world's largest HD screen twice. That was awesome.

We made it home just fine, but the next day, the stomach bug hit me. And Max. It was rough. Especially on Micah, who had to take care of everyon. Luckily it snowed that Sunday and Monday, and Micah got to stay home from school one more day to take care of us. We felt good enough to get out in the snow and play some.

Tuesday morning, getting ready for us all to go to school, Ava starts telling me she needs to spit. And she did. All morning long. Another day at home with another stomach bug. Sitting on the well covered couch with her "spit bucket" beside her, we managed to keep the house fairly clean.

That night, the stomach bug hit Micah, too. None of us were spared this go round. By Friday, I thought we were all recovered. We went to the library and HEB. We got home and Max took a really long nap. When he woke up, his fever was 103. We went to the doctor and Max was promptly diagnosed with the flu. He tested positive for type A flu.

Max ran fever and felt bad all weekend, but was better on Monday and Tuesday, then got worse. We went back to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a secondary infection from the flu of bronchitis. More medicine. I had the doc check Ava out, too. She had been coughing some and had a low grade fever. He decided she just had a cold, but the next day she had a 102 fever and did not feel good at all. Luckily, she was better the next day.

Max, on the other hand, still felt bad. I made him some pancakes, though, and that seemed to help.

Ava was very restless and tired of being "stuck in the house" as she would say. We played alot, painted some, and watched more tv than is good for any 2 year old.

It is now January 24 and Max had his first fever free/medicine free day in 10 days. Hopefully we are all recovering and done with sickness for the time being!

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Crystal said...

Oh My Goodness! I'm so sorry, I can't imagine having to go through the stomach bug that many times! Glad you are all currently OK.