Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stacey's Wedding

Stacey and Bobby got married this past weekend.  It was a very pretty wedding and a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures!  My blogging skills aren't that great yet, so there really isn't a good order to the pictures...

Lane and I compare belly size

Page- 7 1/2 months pregnant, Jennifer 8 1/2 months pregnant

Stacey and Bobby Beams enter the reception.

Katie and Shelley

Katie and Stacey...the two asthmatics

Tyler, Grandmama, and Zoey before the wedding

Flower girls Zoey and Jalyn and Tyler the ring bearer.  Tyler thought he looked pretty "slick" as he said.

Me and Micah...I am sticking my belly out, I'm not that huge yet!

The bridal party.  Stacey's in the middle.

Stacey's big fancy dress at the church, which were both very pretty!  Shelley added sparkles to just about everything, including the unity candle and the ring bearers pillow.

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