Monday, October 27, 2008

What Color?

Micah and I should be buying a house Wednesday if everything goes as planned.  We have some painting to do before we move in, though, and I can't decide what color to paint Ava's room.  Here's some pics of her current room with her decor, so tell me what colors you think might look good on the walls!!
This is not Ava's room, but it is her bedding.

These are Ava's current room.  Her new room will be the same, just bigger!


Hickman Road said...

I am a huge fan of tan/egg shell/off white....there all the same to me...a shade of light brown! It goes with anything later on.

Denise said...

So, how adventurous are you feeling? I could see an accent wall in red or green or even a neutral wall with color blocks or stripes or some kind of accent in red or green. Or maybe even a chair rail with neutral on top and red or green on the bottom. Lots of choices!

It's certainly been fun to watch Ava grow and to watch you and Micah grow into parenting as well. It's not at all what you imagined, is it?

I miss you and our travel time to class, but I definitely don't miss school!!!