Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold Front

I usually don't like cold weather, but yesterday Ava and I waited anxiously for the cold front to come in.  We've been living in a house about half the size of our house in Blossom and have been paying electric bills that are about twice the price, so I've been ready for the temperature to lower a little so our AC will run less.  We began the day at 6am when Ava woke up to eat.  She not only wanted to eat, she also wanted to play.  I have never been very lively at 6 in the morning, so we laid on the couch together and watched the news.  We both fell asleep and woke up much later that morning, about 10:00.  After that, we got up, got dressed, played for a while, then put a movie in and sat in the chair and watched the movie.  I watched, Ava slept.  About the time the movie was over, the cold front blew in and things really cooled off.  We got ready for church, Ava wore her pumpkin shirt and black pants, because that is one of the few cool weather outfits she has that fit her right now.  When we got home, Ava took a bath and she wore her footed PJs for the first time.  They are really cute.  Pictures below.  As you can see, my life is rather uneventful, but very enjoyable!!

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The Boyd Gang said...

Just wait until the next one comes around...there won't be any going back to sleep until 10AM:) I'm a little jealous!