Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Turkey Turkey...or Chicken?

Our Thanksgiving started off with Page, Amber, and I getting up to run the Dallas Turkey Trot.  We ran 3 miles in downtown Dallas that morning, along with 34,000 other people (I walked some).  It was incredibly crowded, but lots of fun.  We decided that next time we are just going to do our own Turkey Trot and avoid the crowd!

After our run, we went to Grandmama and Papa's for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was really good! At Grandmama's house we have chicken instead of Turkey.  This is becuase when she was growing up she says she was poor and turkeys brought more money, so they sold their turkeys and ate the chickens.  I think Bobby and Micah both thought we were eating turkey.  We also had pork loin, and I think I heard that we are having boiled shrimp and dove or quail for Christmas.  

We were able to spend some time with Lane and Page and their kids.  This is a picture of Ava and Maddie watching TV at Uncle Jake's and Auntie Am's house. 
I was a bad parent and didn't take any pictures of Ava's first Thanksgiving!  This is a picture of her the day we got home.  She was tired out!

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