Monday, December 1, 2008

Carpet and Allergies

We are getting new carpet in our new house today!  Yeah!  Once we have carpet it is pretty much ready for us to move in...not done yet, but done enough so we can move in and continue to put the finishing touches on.  And we are only a week off schedule!  I am planning on making a video of the entire process, so you'll have to check back in later to see our house from start to finish.  

Now for the allergies.  I think Ava is allergic to something.  What, I don't know.  Awhile ago she had some eczema spots on her arm, the dr gave us some medicine and they cleared up.  Now, her legs are totally broken out with the same spots!  I don't know if she is allergic to something in our detergent, a fabric, or animals.  We have also switched her formula to an organic one because the FDA found that the formula she was on contained cyanauric acid, a byproduct of melamine (that's the stuff that caused all the problems in babies in China).  The organic formula we switched to has been tested and found to not contain melamine or any byproducts, but I am wondering now if she might be allergic to something in it.  We go to the doctor Friday for her 4 month check up, so hopefully I can find something out then.

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