Friday, December 5, 2008

4 Months Old

Ava was 4 months old yesterday.  Everyone is commenting on how big she is getting, and she really is.  It took months for her to outgrow her newborn clothes, and now she is outgrowing things in days it seems.  She is also doing lots of new things.  She talks and laughs all the time and loves it when people pay attention to her.  She also really likes loud noises and music.  We were at Home Depot buying paint and she thought the guy hammering on the lid was the funniest thing.   She is rolling over both ways now, but she does much better going from her back to her front.  She will grab anything within her reach and put it right in her mouth, making it necessary for me to be more vigilant.  She goes to bed at nine and will sleep till nine in the morning...I think that's great!  Overall, she's a pretty good baby.


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