Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Mama's Away....

This summer Micah was home more than usual, so he watched Ava for me several times while I got to go do whatever I wanted!
I usually don't ask about what happened while I was gone. I figure most times it's better if I just don't know. However, there were some times that Micah took pictures of what Ava did while I was gone, and they are pretty funny.

Ava decided she needed some formula, but didn't want the water.

Watering the tomato plants

And finally, last night we decided Micah would put Ava to bed since I always do and she needs to get used to other people putting her to bed. Anyways, it went okay, she cried a little but not much and fell asleep. When I was ready to go to bed I checked on Ava first and this is what I found. She was fully clothed in her outfit she had worn yesterday, shoes and all. Somehow Micah had overlooked the whole take-her-shoes-off-put-her-pajamas-on part of getting ready for bed!

Thanks Micah for all your help!!!

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