Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Do We Do?

Not much. Now that Micah is back at work, Ava and I get to just hang out. In the morning, we sit in the recliner. We clean the house some, do some laundry sometimes, and cook when I feel like it, which lately isn't very often. We go to the Y and workout, or just go for a walk somewhere. We've been going to the spray park, but that will be closed soon and hopefully the weather will be cool enough for us to go to the actual park. We take Micah lunch every now and then, which is always fun. Today we took him a hamburger and found that he was having his students compete in a poetry contest about meatballs. Interesting. Here are a few pictures from our days at home!

This is a dress I made for Ava. Impressive, huh? My friend Shannon made her little girl a "Crimson Tide" dress, so I just had to make Ava an Aggie one. I'm looking for pretty pillowcases now to make some more. They will be great for next summer. Oh, and I think Ava looks like Stacey in this picture.

We like to play outside a lot. Ava does pretty well staying on the back porch and playing with her abundance of toys. She has finally figured out how to make the lion go forward!

Every now and then we will venture out to the library. Ava loves it. She runs all over the place pulling books off the shelves and playing with the books and toys in the kid area.

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