Friday, October 2, 2009

iPhone Pics

I don't download pictures from my iPhone very often, so here are a few I downloaded recently that are cute.

Ava wearing her sunglasses while we go for a walk

Ava in a cute outfit that reminds me of Cousin Stacey. If they had it in a big girl size I would buy it for her.

While we were in Paris, we visited Chisum Elementary where I used to teach. They have remodeled the whole building and it all looks fantastic! We went into Mrs. Pickering's Pre-K room (super cute, Charlot) and Ava made herself at home.

Micah washed the Ag truck's tires this week and Ava helped him. This picture was taken the next day when I went outside with Ava. She found a brush and walked to each tire of my car and proceeded to "clean" them. Smart kid.

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