Friday, October 23, 2009

I Fought The Law

Cute picture of Ava riding happily in her carseat. Notice the blue light in the background? Yes, it's a cop. I got pulled over tonight driving a little too fast in town. And I got a ticket. Ava and I had gone to eat and watch part of the Rice football game with Micah and were on our way home. Ava threw a fit while we ate, threw a fit at the game, but was as happy as she could be when we got pulled over. If only she could have thrown a fit then, maybe we could have gotten away with a warning! To make things worse, as soon as I pulled over and put the car in park, I texted Micah to let him know we were getting pulled over, just in case the cop was an imposter and was about to kidnap us. That's the Gipson coming out in me. So, the cop walks up and I'm texting. He made me feel really bad about being a texting, speeding mother with her "precious cargo" (his words). Oh well, we are home and safe and will try to pay attention to the speed in the future!!

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