Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's A...

Baby. We went to the ob yesterday for my monthly check-up (I'm 24 weeks) and she did the big sonogram where we are supposed to find out for sure what the baby is. Now, we have already had an unofficial sonogram at 16 weeks and saw the baby was a boy, but we were having this one just as a confirmation. With Ava, the sonogram took about 30 minutes. We saw every body part, lots of face pictures, watched her move, all sorts of neat stuff. This sonogram took about 5 minutes, we never saw the face (which made me sad), but did see the top of the baby's head and its spine, which both looked good. And when she went to look for the gender, she said the baby was breech and it would be hard to tell, but she thought it looked like a girl! So, we are now clueless about the sex of our new baby, and Micah and I both are people who don't like to be clueless!! I suppose we are being taught a lesson in patience and should be grateful for a healthy baby (which we are), but we are just slightly frustrated!!! I'm contemplating going to a private facility for a 3D sonogram but I'm not sure about that. Oh well, we will find out eventually what the baby is!!!

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