Friday, January 22, 2010

33 Weeks

I'm 33 weeks pregnant with baby #2 now, which is about the same as I was at Stacey's wedding when I was pregnant with Ava. I decided to try on my bridesmaids dress to see if it fit me this time. Much to my surprise, it does! It may even fit a little bit was pretty tight at the wedding. So, we've only got about 7 weeks to go more or less. The baby is due March 13, which is the first weekend of Spring Break. We are hoping he comes by then, because starting the last weekend of Spring Break and for the next few weeks, Micah is super busy with work. Oh well, I guess he'll get here when he gets here!

The first two pictures are when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Ava. The last two are 33 weeks this pregnancy.

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