Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ava's Room

Ava's room has finally transitioned over into it's toddler stage. She has her new twin bed set up and has been sleeping in it for the past two weeks. She does good once she falls asleep, but we usually have to put her in bed several times before that happens. She likes to get out of bed and play with her toys. The past week has been a little rough because she has had RSV and pharyngitis, but she's doing much better and is finally sleeping all night again! I'm not looking forward to the whole waking up every night in the middle of the night thing with the new baby. Ava also has a new shelving system to put all her toys in and it's working great. She is able to take them out and put them up all by herself. Well, she takes them out by herself. Putting them up takes some help from momma or daddy. We owe a big thanks to Andrea and Karl for giving us the idea for these shelves. Someday, they will have their own shelves for Kaden, and we know that they will all love them! Now that her room is done, I can start working on the baby's room.

This is the baby's room as of right now. We've got some work to do still.


Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Ava's room is so girly...I love it!

Crystal said...

I love Ava's room, especially the bed spread. Looks like you might need to do some work before the baby gets here. BTW, I told you it looked like a boy on the sono. :)