Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

Four generations of Frys
Max, Micah, Michael, Edd

Max is ready for some fun in the sun

Ava would only get in the water if her daddy went with her

Braxton fell off the mule and busted his head. A trip to the hospital and two staples later he was just fine. He's a pretty tough kid!

Ava and Kaden driving the mule. They weren't driving when Braxton fell off...

Kaden and Ava

This year we had a very professional fireworks show, complete with electronic push button control. Whenever we pushed the button, another firework went off. The fireworks were great and I was really impressed that it all worked. Good job, Karl!!

Max is pushing "The Button"

Karl has all the fireworks ready to go

Watching the fireworks

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