Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ava and Max's Bathroom

Our master bathroom is done enough, so we have moved on to Ava and Max's bathroom. This is what the bathroom looked like when we bough it. Yes, it is hard to believe we paid money for a house that had a bathroom that looked like this.

Here is the bathroom after minor renovation. We had to make it more livable than what it was.

And here is the bathroom today. We have separated it into two rooms, that way one kid can be taking a bath or using the bathroom and the other can still use the sinks.

We have a new tub and subway tile surround that goes all the way to the ceiling. It makes it look so much bigger.

And pretty white floors. I'm sure they won't stay this clean and white for long.

Micah is painting and doing the lights today, grout goes in on Monday, then we will be ready for the sinks (2 pedestals), toilet, and fixtures to be installed hopefully Wednesday. Then we will once again have two functioning bathrooms in our house! We are still missing cabinets but will get those soon!

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