Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seven Christmases

So, this year Christmas was a week long event for us.  We had seven different Christmases!  We had lots of fun and enjoyed it all, but were glad to be home.  Ava was so good.  She was passed around for days and slept a lot in the car, but she did great and slept well once we got home.  Here is a list of our Christmas trips...

1)Drown Christmas - Emory
2)Our Christmas - Corsicana
3)Zant Christmas - Paris
4)Micah's Parent's Christmas - Paris
5)My Parent's Christmas - Lone Oak
6)Grandmama and Papa's Christmas - Garland
7)Fry Christmas - Paris

And now we are home and I will try and catch up on some blogging.  I have pictures below, though not many because I am not good at thinking about taking pictures.  They aren't in order, because I'm too lazy to get them that way!

Grandmama and Papa's House
Stacey and Ava
Christmas at Grammy and Papa Jack's
Eli, Ava, and Hunter
Zant Christmas
Micah's cousin's new baby boy
Ava on Christmas morning at our house

Christmas at my uncle Richard's 
The dog Daisy can sit on the couch

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