Saturday, February 27, 2010


Meal times at our house are usually lots of fun, and I'm not being sarcastic! Ava really is a good eater and generally eats whatever I fix her. Breakfast we usually either sit at the table and eat waffles or oatmeal and some sort of fruit, or we sit in the recliner and eat while watching cartoons. Ava prefers the recliner. Lunch and dinner we eat at the table and she does well for both, though she has been doing some things lately that make us laugh. She has started to like eating her food directly off the plate. We've been working (not very diligently) on using utensils, but I think she's decided that eating directly off the plate is a much more efficient way of getting all the food she wants in her mouth.

Last Sunday Micah decided that we would go to Waxahachie and try out Logan's Roadhouse. It was okay, not as good as Texas Roadhouse. Ava's favorite thing was the butter. She picked up the tub that came with our rolls and shoved it in her face and proceeded to lick the butter out. When we took it away, she was not a happy camper. So we gave it back and Micah and I enjoyed our meal while Ava ate butter.

Notice her cute white tutu sticking out from under her A&M jacket. This is an outfit that our friend Whitney gave Ava and it's really cute, but white, so I put the jacket on her to protect the outfit. It worked really well. I think this jacket will be Ava's new bib!

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