Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Baby's Room-37 Weeks.

The baby's room is done...enough. The crib is ready, the changing table is ready, we've got diapers, wipes, and clothes, so I think we are good to go! I'm 37 weeks pregnant, which means I'm full term and I could have this baby any time in the next six weeks! My technical due date is March 13, so I've got less than a month left. I went to the doctor yesterday, she said everything looked good. The baby has dropped a little and is head down. I told her that Micah was going to be out of town next week and she said that should be fine. I think she was going to check and see if I was dilated at all, but decided not to since Micah was going to be gone. She didn't want to freak us out if I was dilated any, because it really doesn't mean anything! I could be dilated to a 4 for weeks or not dilated at all and have the baby the next day (like I did with Ava). She thought I would be just fine for one more week. However, when I was leaving she let me know that she was on call this weekend, so if anything started to happen I should come on in! That made me realize that I need to get on the ball and start packing my bags and getting things together!


Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

It looks great! It looks ready! Way to go Jennifer! You are on the ball and the doors of the cabinet are awesome!

Denise said...

LOVE the cowboy bedding!!!