Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ava's New Hobby

Ava loves to color! Well, actually she loves to take every crayon out of the box and hold them all at one time while attempting to color with one hand. When she actually does color, she does a pretty good job for an 18 month old. She generally will hoard her colors in her left hand while using her right hand to actually color with the crayon of choice. And she holds the crayon correctly while coloring! She does this with a pencil, also, and loves to walk around with a pencil and notepad and scribble. She can say the names of all the colors-they've been working on this at MDO-but she doesn't know which color is which yet. She seems to like the brown and blue a lot, though.

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Vanessa said...

We loved our Valentine's Day card! It's hanging on our fridge. =)