Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby's Room

Today I don't feel so great.  Maybe that means we're getting closer, well, obviously we're getting closer to the delivery day, but maybe it means we're getting really close.  We just finished our last childbirth class, so I guess we know everything we need to.  I know many are thinking yeah right.  I did not sleep well last night so I'm really tired today.  My lack of sleep is not due to discomfort from the pregnancy but the strange dreams I have been having!  It seems that every hour it is something different and they always wake me up!  My mom came this morning and hung up curtains she made in the baby's room and made me 4 layer delight.  I ate a bunch and now I feel a WHOLE lot better.  Here are some pictures of the baby's room.  There are a few things we are going to add, like a canvas or letters with her name, but that will have to wait until after she's here!

Changing Table-Kaden tried it out for us and let me know I need to rearrange a few things!

The Sleeping Area (hopefully)-Mom made the curtains, Jeff took the picture and I thought it matched the room well, Vanessa (Jeff's wife) made the quilt on the glider.

This is the quilt Vanessa made.  Very impressive for her first quilt, and it's really soft.

This is the dresser that is standing in until Jake gets the dresser that is supposed to go in the baby's room done.  We will just keep waiting.  The bears on top-the one on the left was my bear and the one on the right Jake and Amber made at Build-a-Bear.  The white outfit is the baby's going home outfit that Grandmama and Papa got for us, and you can see my pretty brown and turquoise diaper bag that Grandmama and Papa got us also.

The "Play Area"

Four Layer Delight-The greatest dessert ever.

My new Texas Educator Certificate that shows I am now certified to be a principal K-12.  I'm glad that we are fortunate enough that I don't have to use it this next school year!!


Denise said...

Here's hoping that baby girl gets here soon. I was lucky enough for each of my babies to be born two weeks early, so I didn't have to play this waiting game. Get some rest and take good care of yourself. She'll be here before you know it, and you'll never be the same...in a very good way!!

It feels really good to have that certificate, doesn't it????

Krawl and Anra said...

Ooooo! I hope she comes soon. I know that you are ready. Have you done any nesting? Cake looked good! Love the quilt...

Krawl and Anra said...

How are you feeling today (Wednesday)?

Jorge and Amy said...

Glad you're feeling better! That certificate looks great!!! Way to go.