Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July, Andrea and Kaden, the Doctor's Visit

For the 4th of July we went to Paris to Micah's aunt and uncle's house.  They have a big deal every year for their family and friends, including water and mud and fireworks.  I thought the fact that I was nine months pregnant and wearing my camera around my neck would protect me from the massive buckets of water that were being tossed around.  Apparently I was wrong.  I survived, however, and the camera did as well.  I did avoid the mud, but Micah didn't.  He had mud clods coming out of his ear a week later!

Andrea and Kaden McDonald came to our house last week to visit.  We enjoyed them being here so much!  They reassured us GREATLY about having a kid.  Kaden was so pleasant and Andrea is such a good mom that they made it all look easy!  Kaden tried out our baby's crib and he survived it, so I'm feeling good about putting our baby in it.  Thanks Kaden for being our test dummy!!

Finally, I went to the Dr. again last Thursday.  She said everything looked good, so we are still planning on the due date being around the first week of August.  We have had several people submit their "guess dates".  You don't have to pay money to guess a date!  I'm working on a calendar thing still, and I'll get it posted as soon as I can.  I think we have just about everything we need for the baby (at first, anyways).  One thing I don't have that I want is a sling to carry the baby around in.  If any of you have used one or have any suggestions, I would appreciate them!  Andrea uses a snuggli and she likes it a lot.  I go to the Dr. again next Thursday, so I'll let you know if there are any changes.  

Here are some pics from the 4th, from Andrea and Kaden's visit, and a video and song that Hunter made on my computer!
Playing water balloon toss

Eli and Brazos

Me, 9 months pregnant

Micah and Kaden (Andrea's kid) at our house

Hunter's Video and song...he thought he was pretty cool.


Beck Boys said...

Behind as always - My guess is 8/8/08 = 7lbs 4oz - 20 inches.
I have a sling and a snuggli both that you can have because I am done with them. We will get them to you if you want them. Hope you continue to feel well. We will keep checking in.

Krawl and Anra said...

We enjoyed our time with you. We could have used more Fry time! Thanks for calling my kid a dummy! Wow, what a friend!