Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ava in Aggieland

We made our first overnight trip with Ava this weekend to College Station.  We would like to thank my parents very much for getting us season tickets to the Aggie football games this year.  The seats were great, the Aggies weren't.  Hopefully they will improve!  We enjoyed our trip still, got to see some friends and eat good food.  We are looking forward to our next trip down there! We stayed with our friend Julie and Micah went to the game with his old roommate Daniel and Jake and Amber.  I stayed at Julie's with Ava and was going to go visit some friends, but we had not one, but two major diaper blowouts in the carseat and had to wash it twice, so I just hung out at Julie's, which was actually pretty nice.  Jake and Amber brought us donuts Sunday morning so they could see Ava before going to Abilene to see Emma Claire.  Sunday afternoon we went to campus to take some pictures, but it was way too hot so we left.  We will try again later.  We had a good time, Ava was great and slept wonderfully in her pack-n-play crib, so now we know we can travel with her!  We are going to try going to Paris this weekend, a little longer trip.  We will see how it goes!   
Amber and Ava

Julie and Ava
Under the Century Tree at A&M.  I first came to A&M in August of 1998.  Ava's first trip to A&M was in August 2008, 10 years later.  Kinda neat.

We are showing Ava where to put her pennies for future luck.

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Denise said...

What great pictures, and how cool is it that you took Ava to A&M 10 years after your first visit!! Give me a call if you have time while you're in Paris. I'd love to see all of you.