Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh No!

Oh no!  Andrea, Karl, and Kaden are coming to my house!

They're here!
They left...but they brought me a cool toy that I like to look at and smile.

As you can see, Andrea, Karl, and Kaden came to our house for a short visit.  We enjoyed it very much.  Karl went to school with Micah and talked to his classes about his job at John Deere, so Micah had a good day Friday.  We were glad they came to stay with us and we are looking forward to returning the favor!  It may be a while, though, because its getting colder in Iowa, and we don't like the cold.  Maybe we can sacrifice.

1 comment:

Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

I love that picture of her wide eyed! That is AWESOME! It was fast and furious and we appreciate all of the short trips we are able to make/abuse you with!