Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I went to the doctor today for my 28 week visit, and she performed another ultrasound to see if we could better determine the baby's gender. Last time she thought girl, this time she thinks boy. So, we have decided to prepare for both! The baby is in a frank breech position, so it is very difficult to see what we need to see. Everything looks good and healthy, though, so we are glad. There is plenty of time for the baby to turn for delivery so we aren't worried about that yet. I had my glucose test today and my sugar levels were great. My iron is still low, even though I've been taking additional iron pills. I get to take more now and hopefully that will help me not be so tired. Overall things are good, the doctor said I'm just the right size, and I actually weighed less than I thought I would at this visit. Here are our ultrasound pictures from each visit.

Week 16
Verdict: Boy

Week 24
Verdict: Girl??

Week 28
Verdict: Boy

Can't really tell much from these, so that's why we are preparing for a boy or girl.

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Crystal said...

Your week 16 pictures look a LOT like ours did and we had 2 boys. My guess is a boy. Just as long as its a healthy baby...but I would have some blue ready. :)