Friday, December 11, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls!!

Ava has lots of cousins on both sides of our family. On Micah's side, they are all boys. On my side, they are all girls! This week she and I went to Abilene to stay with Lane and Page and visit our "girl cousins". Ava had a blast playing with Zoey, Maddie, and Emma Claire. It was really nice having three other girls around because I got a break from playing with Ava...she wasn't interested in me at all, she just wanted to do whatever they were doing! And Page's house is totally kidproof, so I didn't have to worry about Ava much at all, she just got to play all day!

We watched the older girls make a gingerbread house.

Emma Claire and Ava played the piano.

Emma Claire showed Ava how to pet Charlie, which she loved!

Relaxing watching some TV, our favorite pasttime.

4 silly girls in a bath tub!

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