Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

My camera is broken and Micah's is missing, both things I'm blaming on Ava!! As a result, we don't have many pictures recently, and I have NONE of our Thanksgiving. I'll blog all about that later. At home, we've been getting ready for Christmas. Ava was a big help putting up the the tree and decorations, letting me know where NOT to put things. She loves the tree and every time we turn the lights on she says "Wow!!". She is learning not to touch the decorations, just look. I wrapped all our Christmas presents last night and so far, she hasn't bothered them. She did go and sit on one this morning so she could get a closer look at the TV. I think she's enjoying Christmas so far. I'm enjoying it, too, because this is the first year in a while that I haven't been teaching or moving houses and I actually have time to get some Christmas stuff done without rushing at the last minute!

Ava checking out the tree and presents.

My fake mantle that I made, then Micah improved. Micah also made a sign for one of his cousins that's in the picture.

Christmas shirts I made for Zoey, Maddie, Emma Claire, and Ava. I'm making one for Kailee, too, just haven't got it done yet!

Ava helped put up and decorate the tree by climbing up and down the ladder over, and over, and over!

Taking a break on the vacuum.

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