Friday, December 18, 2009

First Christmas Present of 2009

We have been very busy at the Fry house making Christmas food, gifts, going to parties, and working. Ava and I went to work Thursday at Mother's Day Out. I had a class of four one year olds, including Ava. It was an interesting day. The kids were all good, but I could definitely see how spoiled Ava and I both are. Neither of us are used to having to deal with other kids during the day and when she didn't get what she wanted she turned into a bit of a bully. Overall she did okay, though the other kids didn't let her sleep as long as she wanted and I am still sore from chasing after 4 kids all day! All of the busy-ness is just a long way for me to explain why Ava is in her pajamas in the following pictures. We have been so busy at home doing stuff that I just haven't felt the need for us to really get dressed. So, Wednesday and Friday were both pajama days at our house. On Wednesday, Ava got her first Christmas present this year from my aunt and uncle Kelly and Gary. I'm not sure if she was supposed to open it yet or not, but I went ahead and let her. She wasn't really sure of what to do with the package so I had to show her how to open it. Once she finally got the toy out of the wrapping, she wanted it out of the box quickly, which was not easy to accomplish. We finally got it out, and she loves it. It's a spinning top that makes animal sounds and counts, two things Ava loves to do. While the present was great, the real hit of the whole package was the box full of styrofoam peanuts the present came in. Ava has had days of fun playing with the peanuts, and my vaccum cleaner is about tired of them! Thanks Kelly and Gary for the great present!

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