Sunday, August 3, 2008

2:00 pm

Well at 2:00 pm they have given her some drugs (not epidural) to help with the pain.  It makes her droopy and not able to open her eyes.  She was checked and she is 2 cm dilated.  The contractions are getting closer and stronger just like everybody said they would.  It is about 68 degrees in the room but Jennifer is hot.  she wants her feet uncovered so he can get some air.  I am not supposed to talk during the contractions but just hold her hand and breathe with her.  We take long, slow, deep, breaths and that seems to be working for her.  I have developed the ability to type fairly decent with only my right hand.  I am doing good.  Thanks for everybody's concerns!!  Reporting from room 101 I'm Micah Fry.

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theruples said...

We're watching the birthing blog - keep us posted Micah! Good job GiGi !!!!!