Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Day (We think)

Well we came to the hospital last night about 10:00 pm.  We thought that Jennifer's water had broke so we went in to check.  Sometime after midnight they decided to keep us till the baby comes.  They started an IV on her last night and some stuff to help her dilate (the nurse said it would ripen her cervix like an apple).  They have let her walk around and sit in a chair but this morning they are about to start pitocin (fake oxytocin) and that is going to keep her in the bed for the rest of the time.  It also will help with increasing her contractions and get her on to the epidural highway!  I don't know if it is like rout 66 or a large interstate.  We will try and keep you updated so you don't have to call.   

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Denise said...

WOO HOO! Go Jennifer! Lots of prayers for you guys today. Thanks for keeping us posted.