Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One week down...

Well, they say the first two weeks of a baby's life are the hardest, and I think they are right!  Ava didn't sleep much yesterday or the night before, and wanted to eat almost every thirty minutes.  I called the nurses at labor and delivery today and they said she was probably going through a growth spurt.  Today she has been WONDERFUL and I actually feel more like myself.  My mom has been here today and taken care of a lot for us, and Micah and I were able to sleep until about noon today (with nursing interruptions).  Micah has been such a good dad.  He will wake up and change the baby and bring her to me and get her to sleep after she is done, and he remembers little of it the next morning.  I never knew he was such a sound sleeper, I'm glad he's not a fireman or something like that!!  I appreciate so much all of the comments and emails and phone calls we have received, it is exciting and encouraging to hear from so many people!  Thank you all. When I get the hang of this mom thing a little more, I will try and respond to some of my emails! We went to church Sunday night, so Ava had her first big outing, and she did great.  She slept the whole time, which made me happy because I was really nervous about having to nurse her or calm her during church.  As long as I remember to rely on God and know that things will be okay, it seems that everything gets better.  Amazing how that works, huh?  I've got some new pictures, and some video footage of me having contractions that I would like to put on there this week, so check back in.  Oh, and I want to thank my husband once again for posting during the delivery.  He tried very hard to spell things right, because he knew I would be mad if they were spelled wrong.  He even asked me how to spell words while I was having contractions...trying to take my mind off the pain, but at the moment I didn't really care about spelling.  

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