Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4th 12:38 am

On August 4th at 12:38 in the morning, Ava Odell Fry was born to Micah and Jennifer Fry.  She weighed 7lbs 12 ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long.  We thought the whole day on the 3rd that she would be born then but she had different plans.  Every time the nurse would come in a check she would say "Let's just wait another 1/2 hour."  The first sets of pushes started about 11:56 pm and she came out at 12:38.  The doctor was in the room the whole time and he told us that only 5% of the babies born are born on their due date.  This means that she is already in the top 5% of the world. 
They had to postpone things awhile because Jennifer and Ava were running a fever.  Around 12:30 the doctor said that they needed to go ahead and get her out.  He had to use this suction cup device that he put on her head and pulled her out faster.  This didn't make for a fun time for Jennifer afterwords.  After she was born she stayed in the room for 1 hour with us so that she could nurse and get use to us.  She latched on like a pro.  After that we went to the nursery so they could warm her up some and do all the final checks.  This is when I got to show her off to the waiting party at 1:30 in the morning.  Michael and Pam Fry, Terry Gipson, Jeff and Venessa Gipson, and Jake and Amber Gipson.  There was so many camera flashes I felt like Brad and Angelia with the paparazzi.  Everybody like her name and then most went back to see Jennifer.  Jeff and Venessa are leaving for Baltimore today so it was very nice of them to stay.  We were glad that they all got to stay and see her come into this world.  
Jennifer and I finally got to go to sleep around 4:30 this morning after we changed rooms.  The one that we are in now is much nicer and more of a recovery room.  Ava is still nursing and doing good.  She hasn't slept much but she doesn't cry to much either.  She looks around at everything and I think notices when we are around.  She is a good baby.  
Well I have done my best to keep you informed about our progress in the pregnancy.  I hope that you all have been pleased.  
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Krawl and Anra said...

Can't wait to see her.

theruples said...

CONGRATULATIONS you two! I'm glad to hear Ava came out healthy and happy. I went to bed last night wondering ... I watched the blog as long as my eyes would stay open. I know you have got to be tired.

And I'm the only one who guessed the right due day!!! Yipppeeeeee!

Can't wait to meet Ms.Ava!

- April

Denise said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy that little Ava is here and that Jennifer is doing well. Thanks for keeping us informed, Micah. You did an awesome job!

Jorge said...

No pictures! Ahh, you want us to bid on the exclusive photo rights. I'll start the bidding at $1, Bob.

Jorge and Amy said...

Felicidades Ava! Bienvenidos a Texas! Nos vemos muy pronto!

Sheila said...

Welcome baby Ava!! I know you are so proud and excited! Enjoy every goes by so quickly!
Sheila E.

Amy said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Micah. I am SOOO excited for you guys. Can't wait to see pictures...and I love the name!

Amy Buchanan

Linda said...

What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! I love the name Ava.

Linda Erwin

aggiekari03 said...

This is so exciting. She and I have the same birthday!!! She is beautiful. We can't wait to meet her.